Features What's New

Email Notes as PDF.

Print Notes.

Take a Photo directly from your notes (for iPad2).

Percentage calculator operation is now more standard to TI calculator.

Performance improvements.


Cut webclips and drop them into notepad. View

Annotate webclips, photos and text with highlighter tools. View

Drop textboxes, tooltips with pointer and photos from library. View

Draw sketches/diagrams with automatic curve smoothing.

Cool finger gesture:
Swipe with three fingers to switch between widget, pinch with three fingers to close workpad. Tap and hold on a photo/text to open context menu. to perform more action.

Import PDF, Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT), iWork (keys, pages, numbers) and RTF file.

Translate website with one click.

Landscape mode to pair any two widgets on the same screen or portrait mode to stay focus on one.

Drag calculator result into notepad for book keeping. Drag any number on notepad into calculator to perform calculation. View

Drag current web address into notepad for recording purpose. Drag any web address in a notepad into web browser to open it.

Dual browser to let you open Gmail while browsing online, updating Facebook and twittering. View

Drop basket shortcut to allow you to drop web clips into Notepad from full screen browser in portrait mode.

Send notepad page as email.

Export notepad page as a PDF file.

Import photo from your library.

Send email/Export PDF all pages at once.

Option to include text (real editable text) and image attachment within email body when sending email.

Password protect your notes.

You can now open a web browser to launch a website link saved behind photo information via touch and hold fan menu.

Email Notes as PDF.

Print Notes.

Take a Photo directly from your notes (for iPad2).